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How Do I Get My W ID/ Reset PIN?
  1. Go to CLASS-Web
  2. Log in with Social Security number. PIN is initially set to birth date in format MMDDYY.
  3. If you forgot your PIN, enter SSN and click "Forgot PIN?" button, answer security question, reset 6digit PIN.
  4. Click link "What is my W ID?", write down your number, then click the "Exit" icon to log out of CLASSWeb.
  5. Click link to go to The Zone login page.
For Help, email the Help Zone

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Welcome to The Zone!

The Zone is a web portal that provides a single point of access to a variety of content and college services like on-line registration, Blackboard, Zonemail and much more. The Zone is customized for you to quickly find information and have access to tools and resources used on a regular basis.


Changes are coming for Summer/Fall 2014 Registration Priority- are you ready?

**All Waitlist Notifications will be sent via ZONEMAIL.**

**All Chabot and Las Positas Financial Aid communication will be sent via ZONEMAIL.**

Log into The ZONE now to access Zonemail. Click here for simple instructions.

Surplus Sales to Students & Employees

Surplus Items

Welcome to Surplus Sales to Student and Employees. During the morning The Zone will show a Preview Only. At or about Noon the site will become active for live selling and Employees may then submit their e-mails to buy items. Please become familiar with the site by reading the Surplus Sales to Students and Employees Guide. Please read the Terms and Conditions applicable to the surplus purchases.

All items are then available on a first come, first served basis until all items are sold or the posting schedule expires. Please contact our Purchasing and Warehouse Services Department at (925) 485-5230, or (925) 485-5233 if you have any questions.

Searchable Schedules: Chabot College: Las Positas College:
The Zone Hours of Availability:

The Zone is always open. However, CLASS-Web information will only be accessible when CLASS-Web is available:

Monday-Friday 7am to 11pm
Weekends 7am Saturday through 11pm Sunday

Always Log Out
Always log out of The Zone and close your browser windows so no one else has access to your personal records. Even when following an outside link, you will remain logged in unless you hit the log out button. To log out of The Zone, click 'Logout' at the top of your portal page.

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